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Jan 8 Blogging Challenges

I’ve been out of the loop, detached, lost.

But A J Juliani’s newsletter reached out and shook me up: Keep going. 

I love thinking and writing: my fingers tapping the keys while thoughts form typed words where something new or remixed comes alive. It will be how I keep going in these, my sad times.

Challenge Info from A J Juliani: a very open 30 day blogging challenge #30daysblogging

What to do: 

1 Sign up on the blog: A J Juliani 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

2 Set goals in the comments.

My Goals:

“Thanks AJ. I’ve been taking a break, and it’s time to start the new year with this great push to write.

1. Write at least 140 words a day (some may be personal writing)

2. Publish on my blog 2 to 3 times a week: Tuesday Slice of Life; Thursday poetry post; Friday reflection post or DigiLit Sunday post with Margaret Simon who blogs here.

3. I’d like to incorporate new media…video or audio.

Thanks to Julie Johnson’s comment for the blogging ideas.”

3. Start.

Since AJ’s blogging challenge is 30 days, I found two more challenges that might inspire you as well, especially if you’ve been distracted or distressed and need new inspiration for looking forward, planning forward, and developing forward progress. And what about the critics? Read AJ’s post here on “Fighting Fear and Anxiety Sharing Your Work with the World.”  And, just maybe, you need to a way to keep forward progress in these confusing times, a way to do what Drew Frank shared from John Lewis: “Get into trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble!”

So, just keep adding good inspiration to your “30 Days” or add these challenges:

The Edublogs Club, which I found from AJ’s comments leading to this story; It’s a weekly challenge [you can do this!]

#BlogaMonth with Drew Frank [for sure, you can do this!]

Just remember: keep going.


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  1. Sheri, I feel your out of the loopness, your detachedness, your lostness. I recently battled and beat prostate cancer and it consumed me, rightfully so. I’ve been disengaged from my students, family, friends, colleagues. But 2017 is the time for me to re-engage. Blogging will be one part of the process. Thanks for sharing and being honest.

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