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#IMMOOC Starts Soon Sign Up


I can’t believe I’ve signed up for a MOOC again! But how can you not sign up for one by George Couros (@gcouros ) who has been an inspiration for myself and so many others. As a principal and blogger, he’s been at the forefront of education reform in the actions he’s taken for his students and their futures. His book, The Innovator’s Mindset, offers us a vision of schools where student compliance is replaced by student engagement. How? We teachers know, and the #IMMOOC will build a community to guide each other to make it happen in our schools for our students’ success in the future.

I’ve set up my inoreader (thanks to this post by George), have my Kindle book open, and am ready for the September 17th Opening Ceremony.

Why? I’ve participated in ETMOOC and CLMOOC (4 times!), and from both I’ve been enriched with friendships as well as knowledge in a spirit of hope for the future of education. I’m connected still to the people who shared their expertise, wrestled with issues, and collaboratively solved problems while learning together through innovation in our teaching and learning.

So I invite you to join — it will be an amazing journey, even if you only participate as a reader of the information. But you won’t — you will be inspired to participate, to ask questions, and to reflect on how you can apply the ideas in your own school. It’s that exciting and rewarding.

Go here:

Sign up.

You will be welcomed and provided with the info to join in the conversation.

Two things will be helpful: a blog [free, here ] and a twitter account.

Don’t panic.

A couple tips: Think of your name before you sign up for either.

Just use your name for twitter like George did.  That’s better than mine @grammasheri

[ I signed up years ago to monitor my granddaughter, hence the name].

For your blog, think of a name that reflects your educational experience or ideas.  My blog  has a URL I’m always asking myself and my students, “What else could I… include, research, choose, add, etc.” So that became my URL. The blog title is all about wonder, so I called it 1DR What Else.  When you click the link, that’s what will appear on the title. Choosing the name really is the hardest part!

When you sign up for your blog, you’ll be asked to choose a theme style:


I would suggest the one on the left to start if you have never blogged before. You will then see a list of themes — start with the one named “Twenty Sixteen.” That’s the easiest one to start. And you can always ask for help. Just tweet me  @grammasheri .

Don’t panic.

Just get started: Twitter, Blog, Sign up for an experience you will treasure!

I can’t wait to read your ideas on your blogs!






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One thought on “#IMMOOC Starts Soon Sign Up Leave a comment

  1. Heck .. I’m in for another mooc (following your lead).
    I want to keep using my own RSS though, so I hope they kick out a link for all the blogs.
    See you in the wires

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