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Welcome #tfotofri

TFotoFri: Please join our once a week photo challenge!

Are you an Educator with an eye for the perfect snapshot? Or not? 

But you do notice! 

All educators notice the little things, and the big things, that make a difference in our daily lives.
Would you like to join a group of educators who have learned the joy of sharing those small things [or big things] through photos?

Don’t panic! It’s not 365 photos! It’s a Friday Foto Group called TFotoFri, Teacher Photo Fridays!

Ways to Share

You can write about your photo in a blog post, upload your picture on Flickr, or do both. Other ways to share? Let us know!
Hashtag #TFotoFri (Short for Teacher’s Foto Friday Challenge)
Use the tag on your Flickr photos.

Tell others about your post by using the tag on Twitter.

Relax and enjoy the photo challenge. When it gets too challenging, when your week is too busy and you don’t get it done, don’t feel pressure or guilt. We are educators, for heaven’s sake, so we all understand how that will inevitably be part of the challenge!

New this year:

Let’s hope!

  • Honor — an image that celebrates or honors; my “H” honors my #clmooc postcard friends
  • Observe– an image that looks carefully; the “O” observes stressed leaves
  • Personalize– an image about your interests; the “P” shares my love of water, the lake, the nature
  • Enjoy– an image of that which makes you smile; a joy, a surprise, a bring of joy to others; “E” shows my bookmarks created and given to staff

Let’s roar!

  • Reflect — an image of reflection to share your thoughts; the “R” is an evening moon shining on our flag, a worry for our country
  • Open– an image of openness and wonder; “O” openness to contrasts; wonder at the beauty
  • Acceptance– an image of knowing it’s ok; of feeling an ah, an understanding, a willingness to accept…; “A” summer places now silent; autumn begins
  • Renew– moving onward, upward, and forward; a refresh, remix, or hack; a knowing that we will find a way! “R” a road forward

I provided examples for each idea and look forward to any and many interpretations. Click video below to see whole images.

As always, this is flexible; Be yourself!  Share what inspires you and include your photos from other groups if it fits better. And, Thank You for sharing!

History of #TFotoFri:

Inspired by a wonderful summer of photo sharing with Paula Naugle‘s #JJAProject, Denise and Sheri started this group for educators who are interested in sharing a photo each Friday. The photo you share can be personal or professional, taken anytime during the week and posted as close to Friday as you can. Here are the posts that inspired us to create this group: Denise and Sheri

Please join us! Join here: TFotoFri, Teacher Photo Fridays!


Photos by Sheri

Collage created by Collage App by Fuzel



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Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker~~
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