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#DigiSunday Google Keep

I love Evernote- it saves everything and reads everything when I search — images, documents, websites, etc.

What could students use? What’s a curating, organizing app that’s easy to use and is always available?

Well, I’ve discovered Google Keep:

google keep note


I can capture URLs or images, notes or appointments with reminders, grocery lists, etc.

I color code for categories and create categories [Blog It — in the image at right].

I can change labels, copy the note, or copy to Google Doc! I can share them with others.

Organization is then easy — color, labels, categories using the search.

In the search image, see the blue categories plus the colors and tags.  All searchable or choose the whole tag.

Google Keep

The best is of course that whenever I log in, there’s Google Keep — on any device or browser! And I can use the mic on my iPhone to dictate my note. The text and audio note are both saved!

Google Keep and Diigo are now great ways for students to gather and annotate resources or note appointments with reminders [date or location!]. Students can create checklists or start ideas and notes. They can organize goals and gather resources. They can annotate URLS using dictation. Pin the tab in their Chrome browser and all their info and access to add more is always available.

Resources for More information

Google Keep Support

How To Blog Post by @howtogeek

YouTube How To by Jessica Brogley

It’s easy and always available. How would you use this with students?

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  1. Thanks for showing me Google Keep. I use Google docs but didn’t know about this other space. I don’t know if my students can use it, though, because we do not have Google classroom. (yet) Thanks for participating in the DigiLitSunday conversation.

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