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Slice of Life The Cow

public domain10039-a-black-and-white-cow-grazing-in-a-field-pv

As I drove by a field with fresh greenery spreading out for miles, I glanced at the fenced-in area on hillside below the road. It was filled with white cows, not the usual “dairy cows” of black and white [above] but white cows and brown cows, all munching and moseying at their slow and gentle pace.


Two white cows were separated by a large basalt boulder, a haystack rock the size of a large dump trpublic domain800px-Yeager-Rock-Erractic-PB110039uck that was dropped by a glacier twenty thousand plus years ago.

I slowed down to see the cow behind the rock lift its head to as if moo-ing.

The cow on my side of the rock looked at the boulder as if to say, “I hear you. Are you there, somewhere?”

The first cow repeated, and as I passed by above them, the cow near me seemed to twist its head as if learning that mystery of knowing something is there though it can’t be seen. Its brown eyes staring, questioning.

Learning. Knowing about the world. Even cows learn.

Writing Strategies

Description [sights]  field with fresh greenery spreading out for miles,

Alliteration: munching and moseying



Images: Public Domain





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