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Slice of Life Cats


What is it about cats? The day is hectic. You’re up and down and in and out with chores around the house and outside. As soon as the basket is empty, the cat jumps in. And as soon as it’s full, the cat curls up on top of fresh laundry for a nap.

As you’re in and out and up and down with all the chores unfinished throughout the school week, the cats are underfoot, dancing with your steps, almost tripping you.

They’ve got food and water and their own places and spaces. But —  they’re with you, stepping with you or standing right in your path staring at you, batting at your leg as you pass by.

My black and white noisy cat meows and meows, wandering back and forth from the hall way to the couch, the hallway to the couch.

Finally, I concede, sit down, and enjoy the purr of the cat in my lap, saying, “Just take a break, would you? Pet me. I missed you all day.”

Who says cats aren’t social creatures?




Writing Strategies:

Repetition: up and down and in and out; hallway to the couch

Details: what the cats do [laundry basket, underfoot, staring, batting, meowing

Description: underfoot, dancing with your steps

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