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#DigiLit Sunday Treasure


Some interesting things happen when we learn together, and when students have the chance to think for themselves. These moments we all treasure.

Take the day we worked in teams to analyze a text.  Students were looking for the main ideas and for the transition / connecting words that tie the evidence together.

One group worked out a plan to complete the task.  One of them found the transition / connecting words, one of them found the main ideas, and one of them checked for accuracy.

And one of them said, “I found a new transition word not on our lists.  It’s ‘including.'”  It’s used to add new information.”

That’s the beauty of time to work in teams, analyzing the work, and applying it to discover additional strategies and terms we can use— and sharing those ideas in our learning community.

On another time, the fifth grade students were teaming up to search information about presidents. And one of them tried to type in a URL and said, “There should be a .com on the keyboard!”  Good idea!

Kids learning together, kids self-directing themselves, kids sharing discoveries base on what we’re learning.  These are treasures I love.
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  1. Brilliant Sherri I have no idea how I got here on my I- phone without coffee this morning but loved your poem about growing up in Bismarck… It kinda gave me my transparency back. Thanks..

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