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#DigiWriMo Choice and Voice

What Counts


What counts?  My friends keep me grounded and growing, reaching out in ways that encourage collaboration, connections, and community. DigiWriMo, Digital Writing Month, is one such way.

The ThingLink image above is my “real résumé, the parts of my life that count, that help me grow to help better the world — wherever I am.

Maha Bali, Sarah Honeychurch and Kevin Hodgson are three of the founders who draw educators and others together in Digital Writing that inspires us and our connections, be they peers, students, friends, or family. They draw us in to reflect on what writing is today: a building of community by communicating in various media to connect and / or collaborate to learn together and to enjoy the process and the writing by growing relationships that extend around the world. It’s awesome.

I really don’t know how they do everything they do  because I can’t keep up, but I love that the invitation is always there, the connection is a bond of caring towards people I’ve never met in person, but truly consider them the dearest of friends with fond memories of struggle and joy. Most of this is from the communities we share: blogs, Twitter, CLmooc, ETmooc. I’ve not been a part of DS group, but certainly feel its presence.

And the common thread is writing. Writing in text, multimedia, video, infographics, comics, and music. Yes, those are writing — the bringing forth from thought into a clear message. That process of planning, drafting, revising of media is writing in the digital age. It’s authentic writing, writing that spreads joy and care, information and opinion, narrative and humor; the things, the thoughts that make us human and bring us closer together. Oh, how I want my students to enjoy that with their writing.

So that’s why my students in November have two choices: NaNoWriMo and DigiWriMo, which I am transforming for Middle School. Why? Because that choice IS what counts: we do best what we choose to do. I’ve written about choice, voice, and flow in writing at DigitalIs: Let Them Write!

That flow, that voice, that freedom to choice the story and characters, the setting and the plot is what really counts, and is what will be remembered. And DigiWriMo provides that same inspiration of choice to express our voice.

Let them choose. Let them write. Let them be real. So students too can better their world with their voices.

Are you ready to hear them?

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