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#sol15 thanks

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for an engaging month of stories, slices of our lives shares, read, and discussed. 

Internet is down, and may not get this posted. 

Now it is on to April’s National Poetry Month: a poem a day read and written each day for thirty days. 

And I’ll be returning to #140WC — writing 140 words each day– or you could do 140 each month. Just choose a 140 that fits for you and do it, tweeting at #140wc 

Life keeps moving on, one slice or 140 words at a time. I’ve learned a few poetic patterns from our slice blogs, and have been inspired to always keep writing, myself and with students. 

Thanks everyone!

 Keep slicing– however it fits your writing life.  


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3 thoughts on “#sol15 thanks Leave a comment

  1. See you slicing next Tuesday then ~ not to mention everywhere else we meet on the internet. I’ve got a neglected poetry blog…maybe April will be the change of pace it needs too.

    Now I’m curious about #140WC. I’ve been doing 750 Words too but using it like a word dump for notes, free writing, copies of emails (mine) that I want to cannibalize. I’ve always been more of a later in the day writer but am trying to establish an early morning writing habit now that the sand runs out of my body clock so much earlier in the day than it used to.

  2. Technology rears its ugly side at the most inopportune moments, but it looks like your phone saved the day. What a month it’s been! Best of luck on your next challenge. Right now I need a break from daily posting.

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