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#sol15 a tree grows 

I love trees.

I hate it when they are chopped down or topped, cropped off to stumped branches– I believe the trees feel pain then, as I cringe when I see it.

But here in Olympia, this tree is saved, it’s supported and protected. Picnic benches let us mere mortals enjoy its shade and its relief from pouring rain. A crow calls out, not in its “caw” annoyance, but in a low chatter to welcome us.

No plaque explains its importance. Perhaps just its presence and its pleasures for us in form, shade, oxygen, and protection is enough.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Thanks to the city of Olympia, we can still enjoy it.

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  1. I love looking at the “bones” of a tree when there are no leaves hiding the branches. What an awesome tree and how wonderful the city “supports” this tree.

  2. It is great to see the effort taken to keep this tree where it can be enjoyed.

    At first, I thought your slice might be about one of my favorite books, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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