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#sol15 disappointment

No picture.

Doesn’t feel right.

Trying to get #sol15 in.

Now I know how the kids feel.

I let kids continue to work — they can keep doing their projects and receive credit.

Not  true in other classrooms.

I know life gets in the way.

I might just give up.

Grading papers; offering feedback.

Thinking of next steps

for students.

Then analyze results of staff tech survey.

Check the most recent VoiceThread comments.

Missed the banquet.

time: 11:35 PM


Glad to find time to catch up.

But wait.


Still time.



busy day

comments closed


I stayed up 2 get done



and my 3 comments.

finding hard to do






like my kids,

I’m thinking —

Is this really important

for a disappointment?

I understand


how they feel

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21 thoughts on “#sol15 disappointment Leave a comment

  1. I do this so I can remember how the kids feel. I do this, like you, because even though life is busy – very busy – I know I need to find and keep ME intact so I can keep the rest of my life together. During the hard times, the really hard times, and the hard days, the really hard days, I stop and think about those kids whose families are falling apart and whose self esteem has been shattered by peers, boyfriends, girlfriends, other teachers. The wonderful thing about this challenge is that we write, comment, and share the best we can and we all “get it.” Hang in there day by day – one word and then another.

  2. You posted-glad you didn’t give up! This is my first year, and it’s hard for me, too. I struggle to get words on a page and have to spend hours revising, so getting a piece a day has been a real challenge and I know they are not very good, but I’m doing it! Keep going!

    • Kim, I used to struggle and revise as well — it becomes easier so I’m glad you started! These days will go by fast and you’ll be surprised how much better you will be at blogging and slicing at the end of it. My first slice too! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I really like the visual way you wrote your struggle. The back and forth across the page made me thinking of pacing the floor, struggling to get it done. You did it, good for you. There are many days when it is a struggle.

    • Yes. As I was disappointed, I did struggle with the feelings and those found a different spot on the page. Thanks for the encouragement. Many days of struggle, but always hope!

  4. Your visual is SO compelling. I’ve been trying to put a “picture” or a graphic of some sort in every day, but sometimes I just can’t find it. And then the dilemma – “Just do it?” vs “Do I do it the right way?” vs “Are my expectations driving me crazy?” (No answer YET!)

    Glad you posted! The struggle is REAL!

    • Hi Fran! It did become a visual, didn’t it? Yes, tonight is another busy one, and you are right — “Are my expectations driving me crazy?” But — we’re having fun. And we know how to help kids find the fun in the struggle. Thank you.

  5. Hang in there Sheri! I love the visual of your words. This is a learning journey, so don’t leap off the train. Some days the ride is bumpy, but it is an experience to savor.

  6. Sheri…wow, I think we can all relate to this post. I am amazed that so many are able to write a post a day while still teaching and taking care of their families. I am retired and still find days when I feel like I have no time. In fact, one day I could not get a post out there…so, well, it happens. So glad you are keeping at it and will visit your page again. Jackie

    • Thanks Jackie! Your comment was stuck in spam — I suppose because a link was included. Glad I found this, and see that you have continued to post. I liked your post today about the Rusty Bucket and the ants. I wrote a comment there. I’m at the point now though, where my “rustic” is looking “dilapidated” and need to be updated! Ha!

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