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#sol15 Scilla siberica

Scilla siberica

5:00 text:

I’m home.

I’m not

Should I go back to work?

No. Just making copies for Monday. Almost done.

6:00 Home

Let’s go for a walk.

Let’s do.

Up the hill, down two blocks,

quiet neighborhood of 1930’s cottages

green lawns, no snow, warm, in March;

Turn north over the cable pedestrian bridge

Over dry Fiddle Creek beneath a canopy

of maples and pine

filled with chattering songbirds

across to Cole Park

and our conversation

blue flower scillastopped

drawn to the blue sky

blooming in the lawn

tying the earth

and sky as one

a pause in Spring for eyes tired of brown and grey

A gift of nature’s paintbrush after a long day.


The Flower: Scilla Siberica

Photo:  Scilla siberica by Sheri Edwards; CC

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8 thoughts on “#sol15 Scilla siberica Leave a comment

  1. Oh, spring is in the air in your beautiful poem. Oh how I wish I could see the brown beneath all the dirty snow! Still way too cold here in Connecticut. Thank you for bringing spring views to me!

    • I wrote “green lawns, no snow, in March” because your weather should have been ours! I can’t believe the snow you all had and we had none! Glad to bring you spring.

  2. “Blue sky blooming” what an image that creates, then the bonus of your picture. Great poem to relive the walk after a long day of working.

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