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#140WC Live and Learn



It’s official. It’s the holiday break.  Kids arrived at school for the last day of the year — and chose “Hour of Code” as their choice activity.  Making things work. It’s a puzzle. It’s a chance to try, fail, and try again. It’s a chance to help each other. It’s constant learning.

As the holiday starts, I’m thankful for the time to learn more — to think about the interests of my students and discover or create curriculum that meets the standards and their interests.

I’m thankful for each day and moment that brings new surprises of wonder. I watched as students huddled together, or called another over, “I don’t get this. How did you solve it?” I could see the interest and sense of community.  I’m thankful my students have this opportunity to problem-solve together — to see how their choices in coding makes things work.

Learning. It should be like this every day. Living and learning to our fullest.

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