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Tomorrow we try our Hour Of Code. There could be tech trouble. There will be confusion. We may need a back-up plan. There will be, however, collaboration to solve the problems. Because we are persistent; we don’t give up. We have a mindset of “I can.”

Hadi Partovi is the founder of Hour of Code. One of the obstacles to improving education is mindset. Learning computer science needs a new mindset: we can.

Watch this CBS interview in an Hour of Code Classroom to see what Hadi Partovi says:

There’s so much noise in the eduverse about transforming education so students are “college and career ready.” The students need to be prepared for their future — and that means an understanding of the workings of the devices and apps they use daily: computer science — code. Just one thing could do it: allow our students to be makers in the world; coders of the future.

So tomorrow, we take our first step in our middle school. We have a mindset of curiosity. We’re anxious, and expectant. We’re unsure, and hopeful. We’re confused, but open. We. Are. Ready. We — a class together, and a learning community.

How about you?


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