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#140WC #etmooc

#etmooc: Educational Technology & Media massive open online course occurred two years ago! And yet, the relationships built during that experience are still strong. Tonight [December 3, 2014], we Twitter chatted [ here’s the storify]. We are still drawn by the power of the #etmooc experience — learning and sharing, trying and growing together.

The group even started a PostEtmooc community, but then brought it back to the main group again #etmooc. We learned that together we can succeed. We learned that together, sharing openly, we share a humanness that thrives on the Internet. Yes — online! Across and around the world. Some joined together to create smaller Moocs for their own staff, some stay connected in smaller projects. Some formed a blog reading group. Many stay connected via Twitter and the #etmooc community. The #etmooc group came together in September to “Hang Out” and plan twitter chats and more “Hang Outs” during the next year.

What did they learn? How Educational Technology can connect learners into a powerful community. Why? The world is changing… Here’s a thought on #etmooc and student agency and here’s one on the one-year anniversary.

The members are from all over the world, and are teachers at all levels, counselors, administrators, parents.. and we’re still learning together!

Be part of it!  Follow both #connectedlearning and #etmooc on twitter!  To learn more about connected learning, see Why Connected Learning.

Will you join us?

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