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#140WC Somebody built a wall



I’m thankful I have such thoughtful students.

In my class, we read The Giver, and we’re re-reading the book for evidence in the multi-player MineCraftEDU game, GiverCraft. Our rules say to ask before entering another player’s house and to not build on other player’s property. We’re not supposed to build traps or blocks in public property.

We’ve had violations on our property. At first, our students started to break down the violations, but then we decided to be better. We talked about the problems.  We talked about what we could do to work around the issues — so we could keep playing within the boundaries expected. We want to play the game; we want to learn together as a community. And communities make rules for safety and fairness, and we are creative and problem-solving within those parameters. That’s how communities are built. So what could we do when people broke the rules in our areas?

We have players who built tunnels into our house. What did we do? We plugged the top and put up a sign.

We have players who built right in our spot. What did we do? We put up a Welcome sign with our name on it.

We have players who created a hole on our property someone could fall into.  What did we do? We put in a plug and put up a warning sign.

We have players who built walls on our property. What did we do? We said, “Just go around it or over it.”

Although others have not followed the rules, we worked around the issues and stuck to the meaning behind the rules. We did not harm. We were not mean; we worked together to solve the issue without hindering the work of others.

I think that’s a valuable and positive attitude. Live and Let Live.

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    • Thank you! They will be thrilled to hear from you. They are so excited each day, and want to be able to do more. My other classes are begging for a similar project. We are thankful for the opprtunity.

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