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#140WC Blog From Your Heart


Blogging isn’t easy. It’s putting your thoughts out for others to read. It’s personal even when professional. So how do you write a good blog post?

There are many suggestions out there about this that are excellent in their concepts and strategies. Here’s one from a tweet today:

It’s a wonderful post, especially number four:


Don’t write, nor describe nor narrate, just talk to your readers. Talk impressively and effectively. Your words must be meaningful for you and for your readers both.

It is necessary that they can get what they want from your post and you can achieve your ultimate objective from it. It is possible if your post is not a piece of writing but it is a piece of conversation. Readers keenly give their comments after reading it fully believing that now it is their turn to participate in the conversation. Conversation is always a two-way communication.

When blogging becomes a conversation, it adds value to the ideas, whether the ideas are consensus or debate. I think it’s important to take an idea, such as from the tweet, and expand on it, or add to it, or debate it. When an idea grabs you, like this one did me, take it and share it, and add your own sense of it.

But most importantly, to me, blog from your heart — make the conversation include you. You can follow all the suggestions in many such “How tos,” but when it comes to the writing, write your voice and experience.

Ideas don’t keep; something must be done about them. ~ Alfred North Whitehead

Why? To keep the ideas flowing and growing. So, when something grabs you, do something with it: blog from your heart.

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