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It’s summer:









I am enlightened by my reading, writing, conversing, and connecting. It spawns new ideas for next year, focusing on Common Core State Standards as ideas shape themselves. I see a path ahead of me filled with old debris to be discarded, but old concepts to integrate into the goal, the light ahead, an opening to reach and enjoy renewed.

I stand atop the ravine, surrounded by Virginia Creeper vines with chattering squirrels above me. I know I choose the path best needed for my students. I know that I am not alone, for I am a connected learner.

Besides reading [Reinventing Writing by Vicki Davis for one example ], I have been writing posts for my #clmooc experience and for the CORElaborate Blogathon. I wrote and shared poetry.  I walked around my neighborhood for inspiration. I helped save the trees in our park by writing a tweet.

Inspiration is all around. One place is #clmooc. That is a Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration. I was involved as a participant and as part of the support team. Read about my #clmooc experience and learn about Connected Learning. It really isn’t anything new — except in how we are connected. Not through snail mail pen pals, not through TV news, not by traveling places. Although all those are available, in today’s world, we connect online through Google Hangouts, online communities like the clmooc Google Plus community, through social media, and through blogs, tweets, photo apps, etc. I can be connected right now to my friends around the world with a click of my mouse. That’s what has changed. That means we can pursue our interests, with peers around the world, for shared purposes, to learn academic goals, in an openly networked community to create products of interest for personal or societal reasons.

So education has changed, and I’m ready. I’m ready and supported and inspired by my clmooc Google Plus community and my Twitter PLN, as I reciprocate the collaboration. In fact, some of the middle school educators have started a community of our own: Connect in the Middle at MightyBell. We’ve started small circles to plan and implement curriculum on Social Justice, ePortfolios, and Connect2Learn, a collaborative blog for student writing prompts. If you work with middle school students, please consider joining.


What about you? What inspired you and your learning this summer? Let’s connect our paths and share what we’ve learned!




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