Notes from TC: Cornelius Minor and technology in Writing Workshop

This post invites us to re-imagine the writing classroom– writing enhanced with tech tools.

A Teaching Life

The last workshop I attended at TC today went by in a blur of information and wonder. That blur of wondrous information was Cornelius Minor, teacher extraordinaire and staff developer at TC’s Writing and Reading Project. He moves just as fast as he talks, and he has so much to share that I had a hard time keeping up. At the bottom of the T-chart, partly obscured by Cornelius racing off to another great point, is his dictum: Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome. It’s kind of a warning for us, too, because that is exactly what we sometimes (with the best of intentions in mind) wind up doing. Technology instead, Cornelius said, should be used to:
  • raise awareness
  • ask good questions
  • nurture critical thinkers
Here is a bit of my take away from this amazing workshop:
We want our students to approach technology not as consumers but…

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