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Connected Learners #clmooc #literacies chat True Reformers

Connected Learners #clmooc #literacies chat True Reformers

Connected learners: teachers and students joining together to forge pathways that make sense for living fuller lives that connect to make the world a better place

  1. What are teachers to do in an educational system bought by big business and managed by non-educators? Connect!
  2. Tuesday we had a #connectedlearning webinar on the learning pathways youth forge:… Discussing now in #literacies chat.
  3. Learning Pathways: Learner choices and reflections on interest-guided paths to living and learning.
  4. @Dr_Pendergrass @buffyjhamilton I believe it can also be productive to embrace a continuum of movement towards interest-driven. #literacies
  5. Teachers are discussing how to infuse authentic, joyful, inspiring learning into a test-focused system. They are talking, blogging, sharing, and trying to show what is truly important for learning, for students, for our country. Who is listening?
  6. A6: Understanding of what is driving youth forward&focusing on the process(not the products)&learning as process not product. #literacies
  7. Teachers are looking at our students, their interests, their needs, their drives to guide them to be connected, focused, collaborative, involved learners.
  8. RT @klbz How do we create school structures that enable multiplicity in learning? #literacies
  9. Teachers ask tough questions, and collaborate in places like #clmooc to find answers, together, for their students.
  10. @writerswriting A8: I think at the heart of literacy is “discoverability” & the “emergent possible.” As well, interest & agency. #literacies
  11. @klbz Instead I suggest we set up some initial ecologies and then grow into them wherever that might be #literacies
  12. Teachers know that each year is different; we must grow them, our teaching, our learning, our students into what might be.
  13. Sharing our learning pathways with our students and sharing their pathways right be side them and then sharing ever outward.
  14. Teachers know the spiral effect — and the nodes of learning interconnected; it’s just not the linear test craze we are asked to do.
  15. A8: #literacies and learning pathways intersect when the curriculum umbrella meets interest driven learning.
  16. Teachers know their curriculum and their students; they tie them together in a learning continuum that builds life-long learners through an interconnected web of content driven by that necessary kernel for learning: curiosity.
  17. I loved the talk about possibility! RT @coordinatortwo: 30:17 “Learning should be the organization of possible futures.” #literacies
  18. Teachers orchestrate the learning of those in their care, a community of learners with unlimited possibilities. Why do we limit them with pacing, rigid objectives, and tests? Teachers studied to be facilitators of personal learners. Let them teach.
  19. @poh Definitely like “discoverability.” I don’t always realize I’m on a learning pathway until I’m well into it. Sts feel same. #literacies
  20. Teachers are lifelong learners: because they reflect on their own learning, they know that learners “don’t always realize they are on a learning pathway;” we inspire, draw out, and lead.  Educate does mean in Latin, “to draw out; to lead.”
  21. My experience has been to create structures that provide loose guidelines for stdnts re: products process behaviors, w/mentoring#literacies
  22. Teachers understand that too much structure limits learning; students must DO and ACT for deep learning to occur.
  23. @bakersastros Makes me think of the adjacent possible & paying close attention to what we find ourselves next to in our learning #literacies
  24. Teachers know that each learner is always on the verge of learning (that zone of proximal development), that it may be what we are learning, or it may be what the student needs to move forward. It is what is “what we find ourselves next to in our learning.” Under the current stress of managing requirements to pass tests, we often lose the needed “next to” learning.
  25. @poh #literacies just picked up on this too: “make room for the “emergent possible” in the learner’s life.” discover vs direct
  26. Teachers make room for emergent possibles.
  27. @poh This is good news. I’m fearful that our “lowest performing” schools, teachers, students are not allowed to be risk takers #literacies
  28. Fear is crippling teacher innovation.
  29. @Dr_Pendergrass @tellio @klbz Seems like a lot of teachers are also giving up on taking risks. #literacies
  30. Fear is defeating.  What can we do?
  32. Teachers are connecting for support, inspiration, and collaboration. How about you? What can you do to inspire a return to education — to lead to draw out?
  33. RT @poh @klbz It’s something we at #NWP and our DML partners are consciously working to change. #literacies And that’s a wild mission.
  34. Teachers are supported by various organizations who understand true learning.
  35. Join places like #clmooc Connected Learning; Look around here for inspiration.
  36. Learn more.
  37. Join.
  38. Learn more about engaging curriculum.
  39. What is great learning? DEWEY! #clmooc Why so hard to get there? great video
  40. Listen to people like Grant Lichtman, Sir Ken Robinson, Will Richardson, Chris Lehman, and many more….and remember the one who started this thoughtful discussion on the true meaning of learning and education: John Dewey.
  41. Share your stories. Blog. Get connected, and join those who are bringing authentic and joyful learning back into the classroom for all kids.
  42. Be like David Lee Finkle: “We have a choice in this country. Keep listening to the story told by the “reformers” and end up with test-score mills even worse than the ones we have now, or listen to teachers who want a public education system that isn’t an industrial factory spitting out test takers but that offers schools that are places for deep thinking, learning, creativity, play, wonder, engagement, hard work, and intense fun.’

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