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Collaborative Video #ceetopen #etmooc

livelearningcurriculumceb12We did it! Our #ceetopen participants collaborated on a video project based on the #etmooc project completed in Darren Kuropatwa’s Digital Storytelling presenation.

Here’s our process, thanks to our leader, Verena Roberts ‏

#ceetopen Collaboration and Creation (Day 3/4)

Let’s make a #ceetopen video !

Sheri Edwards and Verena Roberts will help put it together….YOU just need to send us a 5-10 second video……

Here’s this example:  Darren Kuropatwa and Crew ‘s Beauty Video

Our Topic: “Where” do we learn?”

1. Take 5-10 seconds of video on: Outside My Door.

No words – just the images..

2. Upload it to: dropitTOme 

3.  It will be remixed, uploaded to YouTube.


4. Video is ready for you to PopcornMaker it by entering the YouTube URL  Watch the tutorial ! at Popcorn Maker.

The YouTube Link will be here:

Once you remix and create – please be sure to post your Popcorned video to our Create Your Own Classroom community and tweet it using #ceetopen.


And here’s the video:


Special thanks to Scott Boylen and Denise Krebs for adding their videos too! The PLN always pulls through!

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