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With all the emphasis on testing and pacing, how often is this question acted upon? Teachers think it, but their work now depends on academics development, not human development: “What does this child need from me?” I would hope this key question is what all teachers are asking themselves regularly.” Read this example…from Paul Freedman.

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“We are bad Godzillas!”  I heard the familiar husky little voice of a 4-year-old student at my school while I was out working in the recess yard.  This boy, Vlad often exhibits a somewhat negative influence on the world around him, and is the source of many student complaints and staff hand-wringing.  His verbal warning here was clear: Vlad, and his little three-year-old protégé, Thomas, were bent on destruction.  They were out to terrorize and pillage the land.  During their roaring parade through the yard, I overheard one teacher warn, “it’s okay to pretend to be Godzillas, but not really hurt.”

“We’re not pretend!  We’re REAL!”  Vlad retorted.  Followed by, “You’re stupid!” and on they went.  This message also seemed pretty clear.  Vlad did not appreciate being seen as impotent.  He was powerful, strong, and pissed!  He had real feelings, real thoughts, and was to be taken seriously.

I later…

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