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Struggle and Mindsets

Tune in and Cut!

Struggle: It’s hard. How do we teach that “struggle” is effort is learning anything?

I reblogged a post from Emergent Math on my reflective blog: AskWhatElse that discusses the Eastern / Western take on Struggle. It refers to an NPR Radio post that explains how Japanese teachers expect their lessons will provide problems just beyond the reach of their students — so they experience struggle and its benefits.

Today I discovered Larry Ferlazzo’s post with a TED Talk on Carol Dweck’s research on “growth mindsets” that encourage and accept struggle versus fixed mindsets that “give up.”

So. Consider the power of belief– believing you can grow, learn, change. It is the power of the “growth mindset” as researched by Carol Dweck. Do you want to empower your students? Watch this short TED talk and help your students to apply these strategies:

1. Know how our brains change.

2. Know how our brains grow.

3. Listen to what we say, and say what will encourage us to grow.

What do you think?  To learn to struggle, will helping kids understand a “growth mindset” help?


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