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I want to be better

I want to be better. I know my colleagues do too. We’ve sat around dinner tables together sharing ideas and planning ways to improve our teaching through our many years together.

I want to be better. I saw this tweet from Will Chamberlain and thought it was so important, I retweeted it and took a snapshot of it.

I want to be better. So I spend time reading, searching, discussing, learning, taking webinars, joining groups, and trying new technologies that just might ignite that spark of personal learning for them.  Because that’s where we’re headed: personalized or personal learning.

My summer time on my own is my personal learning, but it is really for my family, my classroom, my students, and my peers. It’s because I want to be better.

I need to be better. I need to be ready.

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What have I been learning?  In between grandkids, tweeting, and walking the dog, here are a few of my summer learning projects:
  • I learned how to create ePubs for iPads. I can create lessons for students, or teach students to create ePubs for each other or younger students.
  • I joined Digital Is to learn more about Digital Writing for my reading and writing classes.
  • I joined and participate in P2PU in the Digital Literacy group, again to learn more about and connect with digital educators.  P2PU are sponsoring a presentation created by myself and my “connected educator colleague” Denise Krebs called Extend the Conversation. Denise and I have only met through blogging, tweeting, and Google Plus hangouts, yet we have also collaborated with each other and our students, and are planning for this presentation.
  • I joined and am presenting for Connected Educator Month, which also has an active group in P2PU
  •  I am taking a PBLU class recommended to me by my colleague Tracy Watanbe so I can better implement our Tech Plan with Problem/Project based learning. I’m excited about the project I’m working on because it relates to Angela Maiers #choose2matter project, which I also joined.

I want to be better. I need to be ready, and I #choose2matter.

I know my colleagues have been learning and thinking and resting too. I hope they share their learning with others. And just in case some of you need a quick refresher of what’s happening at Connected Educator Month, here are a few places you can go, courtesy of my  P2PU Connected Educator Group.  Which one will you attend?

Common Core


Web Resources

And here’s a Classroom 20 exclusive: LiveBinder of Free Professional Development

I want to be better; I need to be ready. How about you? What’s  has your personalized learning looked like this summer?

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.

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