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#140WC Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

Holidays of all kinds occur around this time; traditions in so many different cultures. Our school is filled with choices for spreading cheer and sharing traditions, or just enjoying each other’s company. Some add decorations to a tree. Others add wall art to the hallway. Some draw portraits of their classmates. Others practice singing or dancing for a holiday program.  Students take leadership positions and become Master of Ceremonies for a holiday program. Some bring in treats to share, like traditional fry bread, venison jerky, or salmon. The community is excited for the program, when each class performs in song, readings, or dance. Some classes sing or recite in one of the traditional languages.

And all of this we squeeze in as part of and while reading and writing to learn the standards. Because, in reality, it is the joy of sharing together that builds the community needed for continued learning.

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