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Day 390 Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes

I waited during
possibly bad reaction
time, enjoying our
bounty on display and snapped
beautiful colors and shapes

colors and shapes of
people picked and chose the best
for delectable
dinner table delights in
their fifteen minutes.

Sheri Edwards
040721 09736521

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, my second shot, meant I needed to hang around the Safeway store in cause I had a negative reaction. I wandered the least populated areas: the gift shop and the vegetable aisle. Amazed at the bounty we enjoy in our stores and the lovely color of perfect florals and veggies and fruit, I snapped my pictures for today.

I uploaded these into a Flickr album as public domain images so others could use and enjoy them, many of which would make great textures for digital paint brushes or overlay textures.

I hope you enjoy the bounty too, and give thanks for all we have— food and a vaccine.


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