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Graceful Elder

Digital art created in ProCreate following the SkillShare class “Fun With Faces: Create a Stylized Digital Portrait” by Charly Clements. I learned about the “clipping mask” which allows adding to a shape without going out of the bounds of the masked shape. I was able to use the brushes in the app to add the details without needing to purchase additional brushes. She also provides great models for eyes, nose, and mouth varieties in stylized art work.

Before this portrait, practice in face shapes helped develop an “eye” for drawing faces:


And then shapes with added elements for expression and face elements:


I’ve learned about faces and expressions from

illustration school Let’s Draw! by sachiko umoto


IMG_0330 expressions.jpg

Jane Davenport’s Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces



Diane Bleck’s 21 Doodle Days




With simple practice, one can add expression, hair, and accessories:


Try different styles of faces, hair, and clothing starting from one picture




These practice sessions helped me when starting the portrait project in ProCreate. I learned a lot from these, and I will continue to practice with these exercises.

What helps you improve your art?

Note: I’m learning so much from classes and I’m not compensated in any way for sharing my learning.

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