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Sometimes I forget…

What do you forget sometimes? That’s a question from Ben Wilkoff

He requested a response, so I thought this:

Sometimes I forget
that most people
who use technology
don’t know that
whole classes of

Sometimes I forget
that most people
have no
day is like

Sometimes I forget
that most people
have no
day is like

Sometimes i forget
that I am a whisper
in a storm
of systemic
that tumble
from the top

Sometimes I forget
that my whisper
will never be
that tumble
to teachers

Sometimes I forget
that whispers
can wrap
and wind
up the path
in a steady
waiting to be heard

Sometimes I forget
that parents and families
have their own voices and struggles

I forget because
the classroom is a chorus of voices
that must be heard daily, oceans of emotions
and mountains of meandering paths
that must be accepted and understood
before the learning occurs.

I wish that were understood;
that we are teaching to whole of the being that enters the room;
and that being needs more than skills and facts.

And that, I won’t forget.

What is your response?



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Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I forget… Leave a comment

  1. Sheri,
    That is beautiful. I love the ending and seeing your sweet countenance say it. We are teaching the whole of the being entering our room. That is a good thing to never forget.

    What is my response? I’ll try to think about it, but now I am going to look back and find that Choose Your Own Adventure story I promised to tell! 🙂


    • Hi Denise, Thanks for listening and thinking about this. I think about all of us who are teaching, caring so much for those in our charge, struggling to reach each. Each school is different with different needs, as you well know in your school. And yet, who listens to all our voices? I know yours will be out there too, whispering, whispering with the others.

  2. Oh Sheri…sometimes I forget that I shouldn’t compare myself to others…especially when the other is you and I am thinking about how creative you are.

    • Hi Gallit, Thanks! I have to remind myself of the same thing when I hear about the wonderful work of you, Hugh, Denise, Tracy, Joy, JoAnn, Theresa, etc. etc.We are fortunate to be able to connect — to even know each other– in these “cloud neighborhoods.” We learn so much and inspire each other. So glad to we have connected. Sheri

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